November 3, 2020

Entertaining at the drop of a hat

aidan searle

Be prepared for any last-minute visit with Mary Manette. 


You’ve been there – you invited friends over for a glass of wine, but the day has
completely gotten away from you. What will you serve them? Or maybe there was
no plan at all, and the neighbours just happened to pop by. Regardless of how it happened,
you’re unprepared.

Or are you?

With Mary Manette, it’s never been so easy to prepare Canadian seafood at home.
There’s a time and place for mining mussel shells and shucking oysters, but when
last minute plans don’t allow for the pre-ordering and planning, it’s nice to know
there’s an equally decadent solution in the pantry.

It’s as simple as gathering the star ingredients and setting up a beautiful board or platter. Start
with Mary Manette’s smoked herring by draining the flavourful brine and placing the opened tin
on a charcuterie or “seacuterie” board, accompanied by thick cut potato chips or crackers, a
spicy aioli or our lemon horseradish cream sauce. Add minced red onion, any pickled veggies or
assorted nuts, and a squeeze of fresh lemon for an easy entertaining solution that’s sure to

Tinned is one of the freshest ways to enjoy seafood– less preparation and mess, with all the
flavour and convenience. You can serve it as part of a stunning spread for entertaining those
last minute guests or spoiling your girlfriends on a night in with a crisp and refreshing white wine
like Jost Tidal Bay.

Just wait until you see how easy it is to entertain with Mary Manette!
For easy gift-giving or hosting gifts this holiday season, find our products available at local
retailers: list of local product distributors.

NEW RETAILERS: Arthur’s Market, Halifax. La Casetta, Bridgewater. The Italian Market,
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aidan searle

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